The Company

PSW, the main peruvian company dedicated to the development of technologies, production, commercialization and exportation of seaweed products. Our main product lines are raw materials for the phycocolloids industry, organic nutritional supplements for animals, seaweed products for human comsumption, and organic biostimulants for agriculture.

In orde to offer our clients quality products at competitive prices.

Our company is based on solid principles: 


  • Technological innovation.
  • Environmental.
  • Social responsability.

Offer the best alternative of algae products based on technological innovation, high quality and environmental responsability.

Become the leading Latin-American company in the management, cultivation, and biotechnological development of seaweed based products.

PSW S.A. has been winner of the Business Creativity Award 2005 for the Line of biostimulants based on seaweed and Peruvian Company of the Year 2006 Industry Sector. The main line of the company is oriented to the production of biostimulants and foliar fertilizers for use in agriculture, additionally the company has several intellectual property patents oriented to the cultivation and processing of seaweeds, as well as protection certificates based on new technological developments.