Fulvikelp is a liquid soil amendment that contains a high fulvic acid percentage, as well as seaweed extract. Fulvikelp has been designed by PSW SA for foliar application and drip irrigation. The seaweed extract creates a synergism with Fulvikelp´s components, enhancing its absorption and assimilation and achieving an optimal crop response.


Its application is associated to key moments such as vegetative growth, pre-flowering, fruit set and formation, and stress conditions. Fulvikelp stimulates the plant´s metabolism, increases enzymatic activity, promotes a greater cell division and elongation, and improves the cell membrane permeability. Its application helps improve the soil´s biological conditions and promotes the liberation of blocked nutrients within the soil.


Fulvikelp also acts as a biostimulant since it promotes the penetration and active transportation of nutrients, and increases the efficiency of applied fertilizers and agrochemicals.




  • Stimulates plant growth and root development.
  • Catalyzes biochemical processes, promoting nucleic acid formation.
  • Chelates and makes nutrients that are difficult to absorb available.
  • Promotes chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Increases protein metabolism and enzyme activity.
  • Promotes soil microorganism multiplication.
  • Increases the plant´s resistance to drought and avoids wilting.

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