FERTIMAR scf is a foliar fertilizer based on seaweed extracts composed of a wide range of nutrients required by the plant. It contains macroelements, complexed micronutrients, proteins, betaines, vitamins, carbohydrates, and free amino acids.


FERTIMAR scf is a product development by PSW S.A, for foliar application, seed treatment and drip irrigation. The diverse compounds present in FERTIMAR scf are used by the plant generating an increase in growth and yield, as well as provide a wide variety of chemical, physical and biological improvements in crops.


FERTIMAR scf contributes to the plant´s nutrition constituting a very important in crop management, since it provides the necessary nutrients to perform the synthesis of the various constituents at cellular level. Similarly, the biostimulant action exerted by FERTIMAR scf supports to improve the plant’s physiological process, achieving an efficient use of nutrients in different processes (photosynthesis, carbohydrates and protein synthesis, immune system induction, etc). In addition, its protohormonal composition promote plant development and growth; this factor allows us to improve the plant´s structure, root development, flowering, formation and accumulation of reserves in fruits,etc.



  • Increases growth and plant uniformity, as well as shortens the crop´s vegetative period.
  • Seed treatment: stimulates a uniform plant germination and shoot formation.
  • Increases crop yields.
  • Increases the plant’s resistance to stress, insects and diseases.
  • Improves crop quality.
  • It can be applied at different crop physiological stages.
  • Promotes and shortens graft union.




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