Algafol Potasio




ALGAFOL POTASIO is a liquid foliar fertilizer with a high concentration of Potassium, supplemented with seaweed extracts. ALGAFOL POTASIO has a wide range of nutrients and amino acids that are required by the plant.


ALGAFOL POTASIO has been developed by PSW S.A for foliar application, the potassium ions are attached to the seaweed´s polysaccharides, allowing the plant to quickly uptake and assimilate this element. Its use is linked to correcting or preventing potassium deficiencies in crops with a high demand of this element; supporting the formation and development of fruits, tubers, grains, clusters and shoots, and increasing sugar levels, brix, color and harvest weight.


ALGAFOL POTASIO is associated with the stages of vegetative growth, fructification and flowering. Its application is recommended to increase the harvest quality. ALGAFOL POTASIO reduces the effects generated by drought or frost stress regulating the plant´s water usage and increasing its resistance to low temperatures.


ALGAFOL POTASIO helps enhance the plant´s physiological processes, achieving an efficient use of the different nutrients involved and a good fruit set and development, improving its quality.



  • Prevents and corrects crop potassium deficiencies.
  • Promotes carbohydrate and fat accumulation within the fruits.
  • Controls fruit filling and maturity.
  • Regulates stomata aperture and closure.
  • Intervenes in sugar and starch movements within the plant.
  • Increases harvest quality.
  • Increases the plant´s resistance to frost and drought stress.

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