ALGAFOL MAIZ is a powder foliar fertilizer supplemented with seaweed extracts and enriched with chelated micronutrients, which allow the plant a better assimilation of these nutrients. Its application is recommended in any physiological stage of the crop, mainly during the growth stage in order to improve the plant´s structure. Its use also improves cob quality, texture, color, taste and size.


ALGAFOL MAIZ has been developed by PSW S.A for foliar application, Its high nitrogen concentration ensures an adequate growth, while its phosphorus and potassium content promotes root development and optimal harvests.


The elements found in ALGAFOL MAIZ are attached to the seaweed´s polysaccharides, allowing a rapid plant absorption and assimilation.


ALGAFOL MAIZ reduces the effects generated by drought or frost stress regulating the plant´s water usage and increasing its resistance to low temperatures. ALGAFOL MAIZ helps enhance the plant´s physiological processes, achieving an efficient use of the different nutrients involved and a good tuber development, improving its quality.



  • Ensures a good vegetative development and an optimum physiological state during flowering.
  • Regulates stomata aperture and closure.Increases carbohydrate levels, improving harvest quality.
  • Increases carbohydrate levels, improving harvest quality.
  • Increases the plant´s resistance to frost and drought stress.

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