ALGAFOL 13.5-0-46 - Maduración




ALGAFOL 13.5-0-46 is a powder foliar fertilizer supplemented with seaweed extracts and enriched with chelated micronutrients, which allow the plant a better assimilation of these nutrients. Its application is recommended at any physiological plant stage, but most importantly during vegetative growth, flowering and fruit development.


ALGAFOL 13.5-0-46 are attached to the seaweed´s polysaccharides, allowing a rapid plant uptake and assimilation. Similarly, its use contributes to improvement in quality; texture, color, flavor and fruit size.


ALGAFOL 13.5-0-46 reduces the effects generated by drought or frost stress regulating the plant´s water usage and increasing its resistance to low temperatures.


ALGAFOL 13.5-0-46 helps improve the plant´s physiological processes, achieving an efficient use of the different nutrients involved and a good fruit development, improving its quality.



  • Regulates stomata aperture and closure.
  • Intervenes in enzymatic activation related to plant growth.
  • Promotes the synthesis, translocation and storage of carbohydrates.
  • Optimizes water regulation within the plant´s tissues.
  • Increases the plant´s resistance to frost and drought stress 

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